About Us

This project has been carried out by researchers and analysts from the cyber-intelligence and digital risk analytics firm, Alto Intelligence, with the invaluable support of Dr. Manuel Carnero (MD, PhD) from the San Carlos Clinical Hospital, Surgeon, Researcher at CNIC, and Statistical Advisor to various national and international medical journals.

We are a non-profit project dedicated to empowering healthier digital lives. With this analysis, we seek to improve understanding of the effects of technology among the youth, fostering greater collaboration among parents, educators, researchers, and policymakers in defending children and adolescents against harms stemming from inappropriate or abusive use of social media and digital platforms. Our efforts have focused on understanding the current situation to prevent harms anticipated to arise from the proliferation of services based on generative artificial intelligence.

The mission of this project is twofold: to expand knowledge on this important topic and to drive civil and policy actions for regulatory changes that promote the mental well-being of our younger generations in an ever-evolving digital environment.

All data sources used in this project are public, and the main ones are detailed in the Annex of this document along with the methodology and scientific background of this study.

Our intention is to encourage other organizations in other countries to conduct the same analysis with local data to understand the extent to which we are experiencing the effects of a global phenomenon. Therefore, we offer the methodology and scripts used for the analyses in this study as “Open Source”.